House Extensions, Caterham, Surrey

One and two storey extensions will transform your home

1st Choice Building and Maintenance have completed numerous home extensions on behalf of property developers, landlords and private homeowners across Surrey and South London.

There are many ways to extend a house to suit your needs. In today’s current property market with house prices and costs increasing all the time, an extension to your property really can be a great way of maximising the potential of your property for your family.

Add Extra Space to Your Home

Adding extra space to your Surrey or South London property can also be a great way of adding value to your home, when you think of all the money that can be spent on agent fees, stamp duty, and removal costs, adding extra space to the home you already love can be the better and more cost-effective option.

1st Choice Building and Maintenance have successfully completed many home extensions including garage conversions, cellar conversions, kitchen side extensions, and two storey extensions.

Our teams are highly skilled, fully qualified and certified, and of course, fully insured. We will work to plans to ensure an Industry Approved completion, which includes an independent inspection by a District Surveyor, who will issue the final Building Regulations certification.

We aim to alleviate any stress, deliver on time, to specification, and to budget; we also understand the importance of liaising with neighbouring properties and will always consider any impact on the local environment.

1st Choice Building and Maintenance will take the time to understand your needs and requirements, then make suggestions based on your budget and our 40 years of experience within the building  industry. We can advise you on planning permission and can help you to submit plans for approval and ensure that your plans get the relevant Building Regulations approval.

Side Extensions in Caterham, Surrey

As your family grows a lot of people find they could do with extra space. Extending your house can create a stunning new living area that could be used for whatever you wish, and by transforming unused space above your garage or spare land adjacent your house could provide so much extra space.

At 1st Choice Building and Maintenance, our team offer the very best advice in home improvement in your property, that will both maximise space, but also remain within your budget.

Gain More Living Space Today

Side extensions are a popular way to gain more living space, however, traditionally, they often lack light or look out onto a neighbour’s fence, but with an experienced designer, it does not have to be this way.

We work with the best in the industry and have developed long-term partnerships with suppliers; this allows us to deliver the best level of quality and service across Surrey and Hampshire to each and every side or rear extension project.

Whatever you need, 1st Choice Building and Maintenance can provide expert and professional advice, performing each task with the utmost care and attention. Our team have been providing quality craftsmanship to our customers for over 25 years specialising in extensions, conversions and property renovations.

An experienced team member will talk through your plans and will get started on the job as soon as you are ready! Simply call a member of our friendly staff and ask for a Free, no obligation quote for any job.

Professional Garage Conversions in Caterham

We offer Garage onversions throughout Surrey, South and East London

A garage conversion can provide a valuable amount of extra space to your Surrey or South London home. These days many people don’t really use a garage, and more often use them as as storage.

Depending on the layout of your home a garage conversion can be a great way of maximising new space by extending a kitchen or a lounge. Many people convert existing garages into home offices or even an additional bedroom, in fact, the list of possibilities is almost endless with a modern garage conversion these days. A great way to use this space in a modern home is to convert it into a room to use as a study or playroom.

Experts in Converting Garages

The team at 1st Choice Building and Maintenance are experts in converting garages all over Surrey, South and East London, and can make your home more spacious in a very short space of time, but also adding value to the property too.

With  1st Choice Building and Maintenance you can expect a garage conversion service that is professional and individually crafted to your exact requirements. Your home is our priority and you can be sure of receiving the very best service.

Whatever design you have in mind 1st Choice Building and Maintenance will be able to walk you through the whole process, and more importantly, keep the project within budget. Our service covers the entire building or conversion right the way through to the fitting out process.

Home Extensions Surrey

With prices of residential properties in Surrey and South London rocketing, a lot of people are now considering the options of adding a house extension to their home instead of moving. For growing families that need more space, it is essential to keep costs down which makes an existing structure house extension in Surrey or Hampshire a worthy option especially without breaking the bank.

Existing structure house extensions can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, building an extra room on top of an existing structure like a garage is always an option, or maybe adding en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom, all of this can be achieved with the help of a good architect and builder like 1st Choice Building and Maintenance..

Extending your home has been one of the fastest solutions for a lot of homeowners in Surrey and South London who have a growing need for more living space. It can be anything from extending a kitchen to having a new living area for the family, or even adding value to the property by adding an additional bedroom.

At 1st Choice Building and Maintenance, we do not just work with your personal project preferences and idea’s but work within your budget to ensure we deliver the very best solution that maximises space, but with no hidden costs!

Extensions are a cost effective way to add more space

An existing structure house extension can be a very cost-effective way to add another first-floor room to your property as all the footings and foundations are already in place. This is generally a very simple type of project that can be completed, whilst you remain living in the property but also offering minimal disruption to your day to day living whilst the project is underway.

Although the cost of new construction is not a quick decision, it will add value to your home and transform your whole property.